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Rusted Drain

Why Remove The Drain

This Tub Was Refinished By A Company That Did Not Remove The Drain And Caulked Around It. It Started To Peel In Less Than A Month...

Don't Let This Happen To You...

Why Do We Remove The Drain?

– Tom Brekke -   Owner of BathCare Since 1988

When I started BathCare in 1988, I decided to provide my customers with the best product possible.  To achieve this goal the drain must be removed. 

Before BathCare was established, I worked for a few different resurfacing companies.  I was taught to tape around the drain and was shocked by the number of bathtubs that began to peel; as a direct result of "taping around" the drain. 

When the drain is removed, there is no chance for the material to peel around it.  But since the drain cannot be installed when the tub is drying, a second trip to the house is necessary. 

When the drain is taped around, normal everyday use can cause the material to fail prematurely.  But since the job can be "done in one day", this is the route that many of our competitors choose.  Saving them time and money.

We would love not to have to come back and reinstall the drain (or NEW DRAIN) the following day.  It would save us a lot of time and money.  But to do the job right, We need to return to your home to finish our work.

We have removed the drain for the past 20 years and will continue to do so because, in the end, it gives Our Customers the best product possible.


  • Tom Brekke -   Owner of BathCare Since 1988

The Following Bathtubs Were Done By Companies Other That BathCare... Some Of Them Started Peeling Around The Drain In Less Than A Year!

These Pictures Were Taken Before BathCare Removed The Drains And Resurfaced These Tubs.

Dirty Drain

Clean Drain

  1. If the drain is left in, it will be much more likely to peel.
    - The drain will be resting on the original porcelain and not our our material.
    - Over time, continuous water pressure around the edges of the drain will cause the material to fail; much sooner than it should.

  2. Our Competitors will try to tell you that it does not matter if the drain is left in. They want to leave the drain in for a few reasons.
    - They want to finish the job in one day.
    * We come back the next day and finish our work.
    - So they do not have to reinstall the drain when the tub is dry.
    - They are more interested in speed and their own convenience, than doing the job right.

  3. Lastly, So We have the opportunity to install new hardware for customers who want it.
    - Since We remove the old hardware for free, We can install new hardware the next day. The customer can provide the new hardware or We can provide it for a small fee.
    - This is a major plus for customers that want a shiny new drain to go with their newly resurfaced tub.
    - Hiring a plumber to change your drain would be very expensive.

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Variety of Drains

Different Styles of Drains