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What Is Resurfacing, Refinishing, Or Reglazing?

A process where We come into your home and renew the surface of your bathtub, tile, or shower. Resurfacing gives it a brilliant shine and makes it easier to clean. We use the most advanced material in the resurfacing industry, Glas-Tech 9000. It is a remarkable time-tested material developed specifically for bathroom resurfacing and typically lasts 15 - 20 years.

Why Resurface My Bathtub, Tile Or Shower?

The resurfacing process is a great option verses replacement, or an expensive liner. BathCare can come into your home and save you time, mess and money. Resurfacing is completed in one day. Replacement can take several days or even weeks.

What About Liners?

Liners are very expensive (almost ten times as much) and can cause your bathroom to look less authentic. In other words, a liner can cause your bathroom to look very plain and boring; especially if you live in an older home. Liners are made from a PVC Plastic material that will not match the style of your bathroom and cannot compare with the beauty of our resurfacing material. A resurfaced tub or tile wall will look new keeping the original lines and shapes. Also, liners have not yet proven themselves over time. They have only been available for the past five years while resurfacing has been around for over forty years.

What About A "Do It Yourself Bathtub Refinishing Kit"?

Were do we start... These kits never work. Some of the kits state that they include a "Professional Bonding Agent" that gets a good bond with the original porcelain. This is not true as only the best bond can be achieved with professional etching and primers. We must get about 10% of our work from people who tried this first and then called us in to strip off the coating and refinish the tub the correct way. They actually spend about 25% more money in the long run because of the extra stripping charge and the cost of the "Do It Yourself Bathtub Refinishing Kit".

Can I Change The Color Of My Bathtub, Tile Or Shower?

YES! BathCare can come into your home and change your old (Peach, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, White) colored unit to any color of your choice.

What About Fiberglass?

We can resurface your old fiberglass shower unit to any color making it sparkle like NEW without any tear-out. Resurfacing fiberglass is a remarkable process where the molecules fuse at the substrate level; becoming a permanent part of the original surface.

Can I Resurface My Bathtub; If It Has Been Resurfaced Before?

YES! We can strip off the old surface and resurface your bathtub in a few hours. Our family owned and operated business gives you the highest quality workmanship in the Twin Cities.

Is The Drain Removed?

YES! We Are The ONLY Company In The Twin Cities To Remove The Drain! We do this because it is very important to get our material under the drain to eliminate tub failure.

Can I Have A Non-Slip Installed With The Resurfacing?

YES! Our Non-Slip ads adds a level of safety to your tub and is easy to clean. We Highly Recommend Our Non-Slip Surface.

Is There An Odor Involved With The Resurfacing Process?

There is a slight odor but it is similar to the odor you'd get from painting a room in your house. The ventilation and scent addatives we use during our process will keep the odor to a minimum.

What About Chips And Scratches?

We can repair and resurface chips, scratches, holes, and other defects on any surface. Charges for repairs are extra and quoted on-site.

When Should I Schedule The Resurfacing?

We are the last process in the bathroom. All tile, plumbing, grout, fixture replacing, and so on should be completed Before We Arrive.

Are You Insured And Bonded?

Yes We Are.

How Long Will The Resurfacing Last?

BathCare gives a Five-Year Warranty To Homeowners and is confident the resurfacing will Last 15-20 Years.

How Do I Clean A Resurfaced Bathtub Or Ceramic Tile?

We recommend non-abrasive cleaners to be used on a weekly basis. BathCare provides a complete caresheet explaining how to clean your resurfaced unit.

What Should I Do Before You Arrive?

Give everything a good cleaning with a strong cleaner and Green Scotchbrite Pad. Remove all personal items and the shower curtain from the bathroom and take the screen out of the window.

Can You Resurface My Antique Clawfoot BathTub?

Yes, We can resurface the fixture in your home; if it's installed already, on site in just a few hours. We love resurfacing these old tubs and resurfacing is the green option compared to throwing them in a landfill.

Can I Have A New Drain And Overflow Installed?

Yes... 99% Of The Time. Since BathCare removes the old hardware for free, We can install new hardware the next day. There is no need to hire an expensive plumber. The Customer can supply new hardware or BathCare can provide it for a small fee.

How Can I Schedule An Appointment Or Get A Quote?

Just give us a call at (651) 222-7179 to speak with Donna.