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Care Tips For Your Resurfaced Bathtub/Sink/Tile/Shower

Your bathtub/sink/tile/shower has just been resurfaced with the highest quality material in our industry; Glas-Tech 9000, which is truly resurfacing at it's finest.

Cleaning the new finish:

  1. Fixture should be cleaned weekly with a non-abrasive cleaner and sponge..

  2. Use only cleaners listed below:
    - Lysol Bathroom Cleaner
    - Liquid Ajax
    - Fantastik
    - Bon-Ami
    - All Liquid Tilex Products

  3. Never use any abrasive cleaners.

  4. Bathmats:
    - Bathmats are not recommended.
    - If used- bathmat must be removed on a daily basis.

Clean weekly with the non-abrasive cleaners listed above, and your resurfaced fixture will look beautiful for 15-20 years.

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