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Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing with BathCare is the fast and easy way to experience bath remodeling at a fraction of the cost of replacement of a bath tub or installing a bathtub liner. There is no need to remove or replace bathtubs, sinks or vanities when remodeling your bathroom.  Hard to keep clean, stained tubs, chipped tubs or out-of-date colors are the most common reasons for bathtub or bathroom fixture refinishing.

(The Tub In The Picture Above Is Over 80 Years Old!)

Bathtub Refinishing involves the application of a thin, yet very durable coating to an existing surface. A stabilized & safe etching solution is applied to porcelain or ceramic surfaces similar to the way frosting of glass takes place to maximize the primers ability to permanently bond to the original surface. In the case of fiberglass, acrylic, or other substrates, the surface is thoroughly treated to maximize the adhesion process.

Bathtub Being Refinished

Refinished Bathtub

Our Ten Steps To Refinishing A Bathtub:

Step 1

BathCare installs an exhaust fan in the bathroom window (or a fumigator- if no window is present). This removes all fumes and odors out of the home; allowing our customers to remain in the home during the resurfacing. 

Exhaust Fan

Step 2

We remove ALL Caulking where the bathtub meets the walls and floor. ALL caulking M UST be rem oved because the edges of the unit are most important along with the drain area. We also remove the overflow cover at this time. 

Old Caulking

Step 3

We each and clean the Bathtub. This is designed to remove soap, mineral deposits, and deglaze the bathtub. This allows our primer, Ultra Grip 4000, to perform at its maximum adhesion. 

Bath Tub Being Cleaned

Step 4

Next, We wet-sand the entire bathtub to remove all residue from etching and cleaning.

Bath Tub Being Wet-Sanded

Step 5

We remove the drain at this time. This ensures that the new material adheres under the rim of the drain. This a very important step in ensuring a long lasting product that is overlooked by most other resurfacing companies.

Different Styles of Drains

Step 6

If the bathtub has chips or is rough and pitted, We can repair these areas upon the customers request. 

Removing Chips from the Bathtub

Step 7

We cover the entire bathroom. This is also when We would install our State Of The Art Non-Slip at the customers request. 

Bathroom Being Covered

Step 8

We apply two coats of Ultra-Grip 4000 Primer; which is designed specifically for the Porcelain Resurfacing Industry. This top of the line Primer gives excellent adhesion to porcelain, ceramic tile, fiberglass and china substrates.

Adding Ultra-Grip 4000 Primer to Bathtub

Step 9

Next, We apply 3-4 coats of a Glas-Tech 9000. Our topcoat finish is a g lass-filled urethane that gives the surface a brilliant glass shine. The material is flexible enoug h t o withstand the expansion and contraction caused by hot and cold water changes that occur around the drain. 

Bathtub Being Sprayed

Step 10

We Return The Next Day. We remove all coverings and thoroughly check over our work. Then We reinstall the overflow, drain (or NEW Drain & Overflow) and We put in new caulking. 

White Bathtub

Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Resurfacing your ceramic tile creates a protective non-porous barrier to eliminate unsanitary mold and mildew buildup, promoting a clean, fresh enviroment for your family and guests.

Resurfacing your existing ceramic tile seals in hard to keep clean grout lines and protects against water damage and dry wall rot. The resurfacing process is cost effective... with savings of up to 80% over replacement!

Side View of a Bathtub

Shinny Bathtub